Monday, September 5, 2016

I just returned from another great unforgettable ICYPAA in Nashville, TN.  Attendance recorded over 3100.  An average number that filled the halls of the Gaylord.
I met wonderful people from Japan to Albany, NY.  I met newcomers at their first conference ever and the returning members that were there when this was in Nashville in 1988.  The outstanding speakers that spoke candidly and from their heart and soul touched everyone in the conference.  The countdowns - by location and by sober dates was an experience I'm glad I didn't miss.  They started with a man that had 61 years and ended with a line up of 12 one day sober folks.  There is still more work to be done in helping others.  Speaking of helping others, the bid sessions were once again full of fun, creativity and a clear message that they know how to correctly carry the message of sobriety.
The dances were awesome.  Gold Party was full of people all dressed in Gold and Glitter.  Somehow I missed that memo to dress up in Gold or I would have too.  I'll pay more attention to next year's program and keep you in the loop too.  It is super fun to dance when T-Rex pops in and dances too - see my Travelele YouTube channel.  The almost naked all night party was the happening spot at the pool.  Thanks host committee for setting that up. The panels and workshops were very informative and meeting GSO members were a real treat.  Now I do not feel bad about missing our Hawaii Forum on the Big Island at the end of this month.  And finally, the Archives room continues to be the gathering spot for our ICY-groupies that have been coming to this conference for as much as 45 to me, 21 conferences out of the 58 that have occurred.  The Archives room is a time to go down memory lane and share them with each other and interested newbies.  

 I've come home with a smiley feeling and I'm full of hugs, sweet memories and my heart is filled by mine kind of people: they love to carry the message, they love to play "love thy neighbor", they love to talk about things that matter, they know and understand and live life on 12, 24, 36 Spiritual Principles.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Celebrate Recovery on Maui

It is almost time for the Maui Fellowship to play Host on two sides of the Island.  Which ever you attend, you will have an experience to remember.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hawaii Air-Car-Hotel packages Available

I'm back! I've been doing some traveling of my own.  I have a one year old grandson. Focused on building a successful Green Products and Cleaning Supply retail store - Aloha Clean Pro Supply.

 My life is beyond my wildest dreams.

Hope you create whatever fills your heart.

I can arrange Hawaii Air-Car-Hotel packages so the hard part of travel to Hawaii is over.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer's Journey, 2013

Floating Slides on Harrison Lake, B.C., Canada
Fishing around Islamorada Key, South Florida

The Farm House for Cheese
I'm back from a long vacation.  It was a very "polar" vacation.  Some of the time I spent my time with individuals in different cities that were, 89, 87, 82 and 78.  Then I went to a Young People's Conference with 4300 YP.  It was all most enjoyable and I have returned to Maui filled with Blessings.
Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
From Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Vancouver Sunset, B.C. Canada
Mountains of Agassiz, B.C., Canada
Canada Day on the Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Canadian Geese at Harrison Hot Springs Lake, B.C., Canada

Seconds old New Butterfly
Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona

Torch Ginger

Butterfly Garden in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, South Florida
A lot of Sponge
Sponge, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Uphill from my home, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anyone traveling to Hawaii this week - We are in celebration and recognition of the first ruler of Hawaii, King Kamehameah

 96th Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade and Ho‘olaule‘a

This colorful celebration honors the reign of King Kamehameha, who was responsible for uniting the Hawaiian Islands under his rule in 1795.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fun in the Sun - Check out tours and activities

Check Out Hawaii Activities and Tours and book them before you travel - it's a great way to get excited about your trip

Labor Day Weekend, 2013 18th Maui HICYPAA - Travelers INFO

August 30, 31 & September1, 2013 Dates and Registration

For friends in Sacramento Area
SMF to OGG (Kahului, Maui)  $3149 Non-Stop Airfare for 4 people to share one room for 4 nights stay at the Paki Maui and one car.  $787/per person
For friends in Oakland Area.
OAK to OGG (Kahului, Maui)  $3049 Airfare for 4 people to share one room for 4 nights stay at the Paki Maui and one car.  $761/per person
For friends in LAX area. 
LAX to OGG (Kahului, Maui)  $3487 Airfare for 4 people to share one room for 4 nights stay at the Paki Maui and one car.  $872/per person
For friends in San Diego area. 
SAN to OGG (Kahului, Maui)  $2823 Airfare for 4 people to share one room for 4 nights stay at the Paki Maui and one car.  $705/per person
More Departure Airports to come.  Email me if you have a specific airport you fly out from. 

Total Includes:  Airfare, 7 days of one economy car rental (insurance extra), & 4 nights stay at the Paki Maui (Sunday nights, 7pm Meeting on Property) and travel insurance (recommended).
First 3 nights will be at HICYPAA site. (Conference Prices see flyer - not included)
**Note**Prices and availability are subject to change until purchased.

Hotel Info:  Aston Paki Maui Rating: 2-Star
GolfHoneymoon AmenityKids 17 & Under Free in RoomNon-Smoking PropertySenior Program Offered
Spacious suites, breathtaking views, oceanfront pool, and an ideal location between the exclusive Ka`anapali and Kapalua resort areas. Located next to the beach with guest suites encircling the interior garden atrium's soothing waterfall. All suites are spacious and come with fully equipped kitchens and private lanai, many overlooking the crystal blue Pacific. Amenities include a koi pond, pool, jet spa, sundeck, and picnic areas with BBQ facilities

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Camping Tour Of America's West

Embark on an amazing camping tour of the Great American West. Enjoy twenty two days explore the West including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Along the way you’ll swim in the Pacific, explore Red Rock State Park, go white water rafting the mighty Colorado river, hike the Grand Canyon and sleep under the starsas you visit the West best national parks. Three weeks for only $2599 per person. GA